The National Institute of Management (NIM) Peshawar, is a constituent unit of National School of Public Policy (NSPP). NSPP was established through an act of parliament by Government of Pakistan in 2002. It plays an important role in training and capacity building of the civil servants of Pakistan. NIPA, Peshawar was established in Peshawar in 1985 which was converted into NIM in 2007.

Pakistan requires a Civil Service that is professionally trained, intellectually and morally committed to transform it into a modern state, preserving its Islamic ideology and cultural heritage. The National School of Public Policy (NSPP) has been set up in March, 2005 to organize, inter alia, training for Civil Servants from Pre-service entry level training at the Civil Services Academy, Lahore to the highest level at National Management College (former Pakistan Administrative Staff College) for BS-20 officers.

The Senior Management Wing (former NIPA, Lahore) of the National Management College has now been charged to conduct the training course for BS-19 officers. The National Institutes of Management (Former NIPA’s) Peshawar, Karachi and Quetta are now charged with the responsibility of organizing Mid Career Management Course (MCMC) for BS-18 officers due for promotion to BS-19. The National Institutes of Management is also conducting Senior Management Course (SMC) for the seniors officers of BS-19 due for promotion to BS-20. The Faculty of NIM, Peshawar comprises a mix of Officers belonging to various Federal Services/Occupational Groups having vast experience of their respective fields and the experienced former NIPA faculty having the requisite academic qualifications.


35th   SMC Started

40th  MCMC Concluded